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  1. Thank you, I greatly appreciate that. I hope you'll like the end result just as much.
  2. HEHE I still think it looks gorgeous! And awesome, I'll head on over! ^^ Thanks so much!
  3. Uhh, Random is a nightmare right now. I'm not sure about the color palette I want. You're welcome! Yup, it's the first forum under, Headquarters.
  4. Awwwh hey, random is super pretty, too! I believe it is! Thanks so much!

    Btw, is there a section just for staff members per chance?
  5. You like it? I'm trying to do the "Random" one, inspired by Alpha/Omega, but it's challenging. You're account is confirmed now?
  6. Thanks so much! I'm using Pony Island!
  7. I'll take care of that for you friend. One moment. What theme are you using?
  8. hi there, friend! ^^ Still waiting on my confirmation email whoops, I'll have the forums resend it to me!
  9. Hello, Smiles.
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